Life in the Jungle

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Life in the Jungle

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Life in the Jungle

Starting level 60, the moment you can enter the Sleeping Jungle map, the NPC Columbus found in the camp will give you 5 Adventurer Quests per day which are more lucrative in comparison to those you get from Grosha in Lunagrant both in regards to adventurer XP and rewards.
Completing each quest will give you 15 adventurer XP and either a Sleeping Jungle Footprint card or the chance of a Sleeping Jungle Treasure Map and a Bestiary Book.

The quests you receive randomly from Columbus are divided into two categories, the first category is Assembling an Expedition to various locations all over the map and the second category is running an errand for the NPC Nister found next to the teleporter.

Sleeping Jungle Expeditions:

To get an expedition started Columbus first wants you to pay 1 trade silver as seed money, after you pay up you may choose the destination of the expedition. Once the destination is set the expedition takes off and you're left to wait until they run into a problem on the way, which, you guessed it, you are to fix.
For each destination there are two different events for each destination that can occur while the caravan is on its way. Usually one deals with killing critters that threaten the expedition in the area their heading to and the other simply requires you to buy some supplies from the merchants in Freedom Harbour.
Both possible encounters are time limited, so it is helpful to know which one you are facing before the clock starts ticking to make sure you are in the right place when the timer goes off.
Also choose the destination wisely as it might not be the best idea for a fresh level 60 char to face a dark red mob in a highlevel area, even if you make it in time to the location (keep in mind that some trackstones can only be accessed by level 70+ chars).
Hopefully this list will be of some help.

Expedition Destinations and Encounters:

Goutah's Eye:
An Unexpected Discovery - Buy 10 Hemp Ropes (20c per piece, 10 min)
Defend the Expedition - Kill 10 Marsh Serpents (Lvl 62, 20 min)

Jadegloss Lake:
An Unexpected Discovery - Buy 10 First Aid Boxes (20c per piece, 10 min)
Shores of Jadegloss Lake - Kill Cursed Copan Crocodile and bring its Carcass to Columbus (Lvl 64, 10 min)

Toxen Forest:
Dwindling Oil Supplies - Buy 10 Coal Oils (20c per piece, 10 min)
Slow Going - Buy 10 Jungle Machetes (20c per piece, 10 min)

Survivor's Camp:
Below the Water Line - Buy 10 Diving Equipments (20s per piece, 10 min)
Sunken Ambush - Kill 10 Chest Pagurians (Lvl 60, 20 min)

Kulkan Temple:
Sight for Sore Eyes - Buy 10 Magnifying Glasses (20s per piece, 10 min)
Crossing the Bridge - Kill 10 Jungle Cobras (Lvl 67, 20 min)

Path of Betrayal:
Relic Hunters - Buy 10 Wooden Crates (20c per piece, 10 min)
A Bad Feeling About This - Kill 10 Jaguar Trailers (Lvl 68, 20 min)

Abandoned Catacomb:
It's a smooth adventure. - Buy 10 Weedicides (20s per piece, 10 min)
Increasing Aggression - Kill 10 Deadwood Killers (Lvl 72, 20 min)

Sacrifice Platform:
The Cold of the Moon - Buy 10 Charcoal (20c per piece, 10 min)
A Little Native Trouble - Kill 5 Zeke Fighters and 5 Zeke Warriors (Lvl 76, 20 min)

Tomb of Brothers:
Lodged in Stone - Buy 10 Blasting Powders (20s per piece, 10 min)
Activating the Machines - Kill 10 Tinkerers (Lvl 74, 20 min)

Bloodrite Road:
Cry Over Spilt... Water - Buy 10 Water Jugs (20c per piece, 10 min)
Toes on the Line - Kill 10 Toe Biters (Lvl 76, 20 min)

Kambour's Tomb:
Unexpected Discovery - Buy 10 Traps (20s per piece, 10 min)
Living Totems - Kill 10 Ferocious Totems and bring their Totems back to Columbus (Lvl 76, 20 min)

Once your task is completed the expedition will reach the destination and start excavating, after some time you will receive notice that it was successful and the treasure has been sent to Columbus. Finish the expedition by talking to him again and receive the “treasure” in form of either an Ancient Coin or an Ancient Scroll, very rarely even a special artefact.

(Each time you gather 4 Ancient Coins or 4 Ancient Scrolls you can hand them in to Dr. Markus next to Columbus for either a small amount of soul gold for 4 coins or a minor amount of XP for 4 scrolls. Neither the soul gold nor the XP is much so it is up to you to collect or simply discard the coins and scrolls to not waste inventory or storage space.
Dr. Markus also gives you a daily to recover a special artefact from an expedition, it is so rare to get one of these artefacts though, that you're well advised to wait till you get one and then try to get the quest that asks for it from Dr. Markus.)

Finishing an expedition quest also frequently rewards you with a Sleeping Jungle Treasure Map or more rarely with a book from the Bestiary collections.

To dig up a SJ treasure map you have to pay 20 trade silver, it can however reward you with talent compasses, pet skills or a sealed skill scroll for any class if you're lucky, so it's worth spending the money. If you don't get a valuable reward you will at least end up with a coin to raise your guild contribution and merit or to simply sell to make your investment back.

Nister's Errands:

Will be added with maps soon.


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