Indie Royale (Cheap Bundles of Indie Fun)

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Indie Royale (Cheap Bundles of Indie Fun)

Post  SelinaZeppelin on 2nd December 2011, 8:21 pm

Similar to the Humble Bundle, we have - a newcomer onto the bundle scene that focuses simply on the indie developers and doesn't have the charity aspect that the Humble Bundles have.
Indie Royale was created by and to help bring focus to the indie game scene and offer games at low prices.
It works slightly differently than Humble Bundle as far as cost goes. Instead of pay-what-you-want, Indie Royale uses a system in which you can choose to pay the minimum, which then slightly raises the price of the bundle (so the more people buy, the higher the price will go - IF the next part wasn't also included) of you can "beat the minimum" and depending on how much higher you pay than the current minimum, the minimum price will drop
Originally, Indie Royale used a strict schedule for when bundles were released. Every two weeks a new bundle would be released and it would run for five days. Due to the unexpected popularity of the bundles, they've changed to a less rigid release schedule (still keeping the five day limit for each bundle, though). So instead of this current bundle being released on Thanksgiving, it was released a few days after thanksgiving. Another thing they've done to help with volume of orders on the launch of the bundles is implement a Blind Pre-order phase. Each bundle has a title, that is vague, and a minimum of three games, but until the release date of the bundle, the games are kept secret. About a week before the estimated release date, they'll give people on the mailing list a chance to pre-order the bundle, without knowing what the games are, for the price of the minimum when the Bundle launches (plus, this last bundle, people who pre-ordered got a bonus album by a "famous" chiptune musicians who has done the soundtracks for a few well known indie games). So it's a neat way to "gamble" on some games. A pretty cheap gamble, at that. 4 bucks or so for 4 games + bonus content this last bundle.

Anyway, I suggest checking it out if you're into games (and especially indie games). Each bundle comes with Desura (basically a smaller Steam focused on indie games) and Steam keys, so you can have DRM free downloads and also tie the game to your Steam and/or Desura account if you like.
Currently, for the next day (I know I was late in making this thread), the Really Big Bundle is active. The minimum is currently $3.88 and the games are Cthulhu Saves the World (which comes with Breath of Death VII as well. If you love NES-SNES era rpgs, then I highly recommend both of these games), Eufloria (a beautiful RTS-ish "ambient" game..hard to explain. Wonderful game.), Runespell (It's a card game with semi-rpg elements. Reminds me of Bookworm Adventures but instead of a word game, you use poker hands to form attacks. I like it.) and then the dual-analog shooter Really Big Sky (Haven't played much of this. It's rather hard).

Then roughly two weeks from now is the Christmas Bundle! What games shall it be?! I'll be blind pre-ordering it. Even though I bet I'll own most of the games already. Like I guessed I would with this bundle - and I did =D. But it's cheap and it supports indie developers. So I'm game. (LOL PUN).

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