"The Light of Sage" Event Guide

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"The Light of Sage" Event Guide

Post  Neshat on 7th October 2011, 1:22 pm

The Light of Sage

"The Light of Sage" is a weekly event for level 50 and up, it is split into 4 parts, for the completion of each part the first 100 participants will be rewarded with trade gold. For the completion of the final part you will also receive a skill scroll and Elsee's Silver Cup. The event can be completed solo or possibly in a party.

Part 1:

For the first part the event NPC, Kerr Stein, found in Hazed Wilderness, will give you the task to get one half of a wand from a random NPC “in the area”. Now “in the area” is rather vague, as the NPC can be anywhere in Lunagrant, Gloomy Forest or Hazed Wilderness. So you get off your mount and use Persuade or Intimidate on Kerr to get him to at least tell you the NPC's name. Once you know the name and hopefully the location of the NPC you simply visit him or her, get the half of the wand he holds and get back to Kerr. Congratulations, you just finished the first part of the event! You will receive some Hunting Gems and if you were fast enough you can now get your first trade gold reward by taking the quest “Sage's Reward I” from Kerr.

Part 2:

After bringing Kerr the first half of the wand, he will give you an old map, a spade and his best wishes and send you off on a treasure hunt for the second half of the wand, which can of course again be anywhere “in the area”. So off your mount again and this time use Observation to check the map for hints, wait a few seconds and you'll be told in normal chat where approximately the dig site is. Go visit the area and then right-klick on the spade to find the exact location, the spade works just like Buckray's locator or a treasure map. Once you dug up the part of the wand get back to Kerr to finish the second part of the event. Again you will get Hunting Gems and the first 100 to finish will receive trade gold from “Sage's Reward II”.

Part 3:

Now that you have both halves of the wand you need to find someone to fix it, who better than Sage Visil found on Peak of Damnation. You can auto-route to him via the quest description and give him the pieces, he then tells you to keep him save while he is fixing the wand. Keeping him save just means you have to kill 10 of the mobs that are constantly attacking him. Don't panic, he can't die, so you can't fail the quest just use your Hunting Skill on the mobs (remember you've been provided with Hunting Gems from the previous parts of the event) and they should be easy kills for any level. Once you killed 10 of the mobs, get the fixed wand from Visil and head back to Kerr to finish the third part. Don't forget to pick up your gold via “Sage's Reward III”!

Part 4:

So you got the wand fixed now it's time to repel the darkness. Teleport to Tranquil Garden and head towards the maze, before you can enter the centre though you will have to get through 4 elemental barriers. To become immune to the barriers you will have to kill 4 different “Bitterwind Masters” i.e. the Rain Master, the Wind Master, the Fire Master and the Ripper. Those masters each travel with one summoning on the outer circles of the maze. Don't worry about the summoning, just kill the masters with the aid of the Hunting Skill and the summoning will die with them. Once all 4 Masters are finished off enter the inner circle of the maze and use the wand in your inventory to repel the darkness. Take a moment to revel in your glory before getting back to Kerr one last time to let him know about your success and most importantly to receive a sealed Skill Scroll, some of Elsee's Silverware and possibly trade gold through “Sage's Reward IV”.

Enjoy your rewards!

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