Trade Runs! (Or, Logan Was a Trader so he Ran with Lola and Referenced Movies)

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Trade Runs! (Or, Logan Was a Trader so he Ran with Lola and Referenced Movies)

Post  SelinaZeppelin on 13th November 2011, 10:47 am

"Soul Gold's a bitch" is what my grandfather used to say to me every night as we sat around the dining table eating what little hot fish steak we could make, what with the price of Chili being so high and soul gold being so scarce.

Which is why we sometimes, or a lot of the times depending on your tolerance for auto-routing for awhile, do trade runs (normal trade runs, there are other reasons why one would do a Guild Trade Run. Which we base-less need not worry about yet.)

So, this thread is about them! What's the fastest way to finish them and max out your profit each run? If you have a run you like or love and want to share it, this is the place. To start things off, I'll write out the route Neshat has recommended!

WARNING Incomplete and inaccurate. Fixes soon.
(Note: This trade route requires being able to travel to Lunagrant, so if you're not level 40 yet this won't be a route you can take.)
[list=1][*]Start the quest in FH by talking to Christopher and then buy Linen Paper from the Mercury Union Local Dealer, Isha.
[list=2][*]From FH go to the Windcry Farm trading post and sell the Linen Paper to (npc) and do not buy anything there.
[list=3][*]From Windcry Farm, go to the Mercury Union Mercury Trade Caravan that takes you to Lunagrant (located west of Windcry Farm, up a hill that takes you by the outside walls of the Sundown Heights area. Pictures later.)
[list=4][*]Directly east of the Caravan in Lunagrant is Mercury Union Local Dealer Clark at the Great Trees Floating Island trackstone. There buy Poleaxes and ____. Then head back to the Lunagrant Caravan you just came from and teleport back to the Plains.

No matter where you go, there you are.

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