Scroll of Enigma Locations

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Scroll of Enigma Locations

Post  Neshat on 2nd December 2011, 3:03 pm

Scrolls of Enigma

You need to read 30 Scrolls of Enigma as part of the Wonderful Encounters achievement, they can be gathered from unlocked chests all across Freedom Harbor. Although in order to get the achievement it is not neccessary to pick them yourself knowing where to find them might save you some money and time.

Here are the 9 spawn locations I found, if you can add any other locations feel free to do so.

Chest 1:

Probably the most obvious spot, you reach the area via a wooden plank from the Libra Bazaar.

Chest 2:

The second chest in Libra Bazaar, in the building that also hosts the auctioneers
step through the curtain into the alley and turn left.

Chest 3:

In Alameda Park, behind the fence right of Norchardens.

Chest 4:

On the back side platform of the little tower also in Alameda park.

Chest 5:

In the hold of the Auriana, the room where you gather the cannon balls for Harbor Crisis.

Chest 6:

In what looks like a well next to Namrill at the Harbor.

Chest 7:

Inside the shell at the Magic Fountain, close to the Glistening Lowlands NPC.

Chest 8:

Up the stairs from Adventurer Tutor El Nino.

Chest 9:

The most difficult of all the locations, close to Balberd follow the narrow path along the colums left of the stairs all the way to the end and pass between the last and last but one column into a walkway at the end of which you will find the chest.

Good luck hunting chests!


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