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Guild Guidelines

Post  Admin on 11th October 2011, 2:38 am

I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of "rules" most of the time. I fine that by telling people what they can and cannot do, it's just as likely to cause the opposite effect of what you intended. People, in general (I think), don't like losing control of things - from huge life decisions to small, seemingly meaningless ones.

Which puts me in a predicament of sorts, because I recognize the need for some sort of guidelines ("rules"). But one way I look at it is by, well, look at a game - any game will do - I'm big into tabletop games (board, card, pnp rpgs, etc) so I'll use a board game as an example. When you get a new board game, after you open it up and look through all the bits and etc, the first thing you do before you play the game is read the rules (or have someone in the group read them then explain). Without the rules, the game does not exist. By telling you what you can and cannot do, it creates the necessary parameters that, given good rules, make the game fun.
So, that's kind of what I am going for with these following guidelines. They aren't meant to control - they're meant to create parameters to make the game fun. It's also worth noting that I use "guideline" instead of "rules" intentionally. If something happens, you can always talk to me or another guild lead and explain the situation.
Anyway, it's not like I have a whole lot of guidelines in the first place:


  • The most important guideline and the one with potentially no exceptions (I say potentially since I can't predict every possible scenario) is: Don't be mean, insulting, cruel, or intentionally cause conflict, whether it be in GC or WC or party chat, etc. It's not so much, for me, that non-GC trolling/cruelty reflects badly on the guild, but more, I just don't want to hang around people who are intentionally cruel to others. It isn't funny and whether this is a game or not, you're still talking to people. And "I'm just trolling the trolls." is not an acceptable excuse.
  • This is less a guideline and more of a suggestion/asking/whatever. If you do something that you could take a GQ for, if you could, try and remember to take the GQ. It gives you bonus XP and merit, and the guild contribution and zeal. Contribution never drops. Zeal drops 100 ever reset. But this isn't a "One GQ/day" type thing. This is a "If you did 5 Henrys/GT/etc, remember the take the GQ, please."
Uh, that's all I can think of right now.


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